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Wandering Star Meteorites


Welcome to Wandering Star Meteorites.

Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star? Here is your chance to own one.
All meteorites you buy from Wandering Star Meteorites come with a lifetime 100% guarantee on the authenticity as stated.

I buy directly from the people that hunt and find meteorites, the people who own the land it fell or was found on, and only the most reputable of dealers. From time to time, I will trade with researchers and institutions for rare and hard to get meteorites. If your looking for something that I dont have listed, feel free to contact me and I may be able to obtain it for you.

You can be assured of 3 things when buying from Wandering Star Meteorites:
1. You will be getting 100% authentic meteorites.
2. You will get top quality meteorites at reasonable prices.
3. You will receive an ID card with information about your new meteorite. 

Feel free to browse around the site. Before you leave, stop by the forum for the latest news and information on meteorites as well as other meteorite related discussion.
 - Wandering Star Meteorites

I am currently working on a shopping cart system to make purchases simple and easy to do. Until the new cart is set up, simply contact me with the item number you are interested in and I will email an invoice for the amount due.

Payments can be made by Money Order or Paypal - I am a verified member of paypal and can accept any type of credit and debit cards.

All orders are mailed with Delivery Confirmation by your choice of First Class mail, Priority mail or UPS. 
Normal cost for postage with delivery confirmation inside the USA is $4.00 for First Class mail.
All purchases are packed securely with bubble rap.
Actual cost is based on weight, destination and method of shipping.

All meteorites come with a LIFETIME 100% guarantee as to the authenticity of the meteorite as stated.

Insurance is available on request and at the cost of the buyer. Certain transactions may require insured and registered mail (based on value of meteorite purchased).
While I do package all items safe and securely, I will not assume responsibility if a parcel is lost or damaged.

I am often asked about trading meteorites. Trading meteorites is a great way to build collections and I am always open to trades and will consider any reasonable offers.

Prices are based on current market values and are subject to change due to availability.

Wandering Star Meteorites is happy to offer "The $5.00 Meteorite"
This is an outstanding way to build a nice collection of meteorites for less then the cost of a value meal from your favorite fast food chain. I offer a wide selection of authentic meteorites for only $5.00 plus shipping cost. These are perfect for meteorite collection starters, gifts and also make great conversation pieces. You will be able to choose from many types of meteorites including rare types such as achondrites and pallasites as well as L, LL and H chondrites and irons.

Check back often to see what great meteorites are available for sale.


"Not all who wander are lost"

 JRR Tolkien