What made you think of a “deed in lieu” as a solution?

Have you listed your home for sale?

Have you missed any payments?

Have you opened up discussions with WAMU?

Have you spoken to them about refinancing your debt?

Typically a short sale would be a last resort for a mortgage company. You would need to put together some compelling documentation regarding current local FMV (Fair Market Value) for the mortgage company to consider a short sale.

You are not in a unique position in today’s economy and housing market and it’s not your fault! It absolutely makes no sense to pay interest on a loan that the value of the home does not support. My experience is that because WAMU is in financial trouble themselves they are very difficult to negoiate with. The likelyhood of them accepting a deed in lieu is remote because they already have too many non performing assets. I would get the house on the market “For Sale by Owner” – Realtors likely won’t list because their is no equity to pay their commission fron.

After you’ve missed two payments WAMU will begin discussing from a loss mitigation stand point. 1st try for a loan modification. This is a long shot but worth a try. It’s unlikely they will reduce principal on the loan, but nothing ventured nothing gained. If that doesn’t work ask if they will accept a short sale at a price the market will bear. Then conduct a private auction and accept the highest bid contingent upon bank approval. If this doesn’t work out then go to www.walkawayplan.com and consider their services. If you need more advice and help please feel free to contact me privately.

Mortgage advice needed

We owe $190K on a home in San Bernardino that is worth less than $119K. Should we just turn it in for a deed in lieu? The payments are about $1900K a month and we could only rent it out for about $1500. Do you think WAMU will accept less than what we owe rather than a deed in lieu??? Has anyone had any luck with WAMU or can suggest a good lawyer to help us negotiate the principle down or anything like that???

Anyone have any luck negotiating the principle of the loan down??? Thanks!!!

I worked for a mortgage credit company for a while

Really, your only option is to call GE Bank – explain what happened and request that they remove the late payment flag from their records. If you’ve already paid that bill plus the next bill, that’d probably help convince them. If the rep who answers the phone can’t make this change, ask for a supervisor/manager and escalate up.

The credit bureaus won’t help you. Because in truth, you did pay it late. They don’t care why.

Also if you gave the current address on your credit application but they still used an old address it should be negligence on the part of GE money bank and you could threaten to sue them for defamation of character if they don’t cooperate.

Late Payment Blues

I’m looking for advice on how to get a creditor to remove a negative entry on my credit report. I recently applied for credit at a tire store (Discount Tires) for the purchase and installation of tires. I was approved for the credit and was told by the store manager that I would receive a bill in the mail. 45 days go by and I haven’t received any bills and thought it strange but not not alarming.

Yesterday I received a notice from my credit monitoring service that a negative entry has posted to my credit profile. It was a 30 days late payment notice from GE Money Bank. I went back to the tire store and inquired about my credit application. Turns out the tire store used an old address (3 years removed from my current address) and apparently the bill and anything else from GE Bank, went to my old address.

In hindsight, I realize I should have checked into not receiving the bill sooner. Lesson learned. Bottom line, I need to figure out a way to get this late entry off my credit profile. Any suggestions?

I found this video:

I actually intend to pay this bill in full when I contact GE Bank in the morning. I’m hoping that they will honor my request to have the entry removed from my file, especially if I let them know I’ll keep the account open, if they do. Shamefully, this was credit I really didn’t need and cash could have and should have been my method of payment.

This has more to do with credit

This has more to do with credit rather than debt itself. I have good credit aside from one 300 dollar payment (now paid). I thought it had been paid off a few years back but it turns out about $300 was outstanding.

Not knowing it was and having moved, it is now listed as bad debt on my credit file. My question is does this essentially prevent me from accessing credit until it’s off, or does it just adversely affect my rates for things like mortgages?

I am afraid that I won’t be able to get any credit at all until the 7 yr time frame has passed by and its removed. Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

I can understand the position you are in

What I would do since you are shy would be to write letters to each of your issuers stating the situation you are in. Make sure you make copies and send them to each of the credit reporting agencies so this way everyone has a copy. Right now your greatest goal is to keep a roof over your head and food on the table for your family. I would seek some legal advice to have the collectors get off your back. If you know anyone who is an attorney that will assist you with the calls from the collectors it will take alot of stress of your daily life. I don’t know the laws of Canada with regards to collection agency calls.

All I know, is that collection agencies make money when they receive money and they normally will do everything legally possible to get money from you so they can get paid. That is the basic jist of collection agencies. If you don’t currently have the money to pay them, then you can’t give them anything and they will just have to wait. Don’t buckle to them if you can’t afford to make payments. I hope this helps…Just remember, explore your legal options and if you have a friend that you can seek legal advice from…explore it.

Advice needed re. negotiating w/ credit card companies

I am looking to negotiate a settlement with four different Canadian credit cards and get them paid off in monthly installments. We owe about $14,000 total… $6000 + $4000 + $2000 + $2000. I’ve been paying on them for years, more than a decade, in two cases, and I am just sick of them. One card (the $4000 one) has sent my account to collections, and they have sent letters offering a settlement of 70% of the $4000. We have six children, and my husband is the sole earner, but he actually has a broken back and is struggling with depression and things are very, very tight for us right now.

I got behind in payments for a month or so and things just snowballed, and now I would be able to start regular payments again but the late fees and catch-up payments are insurmountable. Now they’ve cranked up the interest rates, and I am at a loss to know what to do. Can anyone give me some advice as to how to begin? Also, I am very shy, and I find it extremely difficult to talk to people over the phone because I wind up crying and hanging up, which is terribly embarrassing. I can write, though, so I’m wondering if it might be possible to do things in writing?

I succeeded in paying the car payment online today….

and have an opportunity for $180 income for four hours work this weekend as well, which should get this debtor thru bills due Christmas day and the 27th.

The rent has to come from regular job income which isn’t enough by the first and I have no idea where the personal property tax income is coming from but I am into one day at a time and I still have 49days solvency today.

I will work on things that I can change to make the needed income appear before Jan 1, 2019.

Further information about a collection agency and questions

I received a response to my inquiry to an attorney in Fresno regarding a debt on which they are trying to collect. They sent me the bill that indicated the account was charged off in September, 2003. They also sent me a Bill of Sales indicating the collection agency had bought the account in March, 2015.

I got these documents from the attorney who has been mainly dealing with my mother’s estate (and I got a summons during that time). The only other attorney I have is also a family friend (as is the first). Neither attorney seems to know much about this stuff.

Anyway, I’d like to ask if I’m relieved from the debt due to the Statute of Limitations (which I believe is 4 years here in California). From some other searching, it appears this will stay on my credit report until at least 2010.

Finally, is the charge-off bill (with my name and address) sufficient proof that I owe the debt? I would think they would have to present signed contracts or something of that nature.

Thanks to everyone and hope you had a great holidays.