Definitely fling some her way

LOL on the cactus. Definitely fling some her way. Anyway, I can’t believe this matter. This world is getting dumber and dumbest! When my husband had his income imputed (when he was REALLY only making a few hundred over $18,000) and his ex-wife claimed she suspected he had money stashed away in safe deposited boxES, etc., the judge, instead of reducing the child support – tacked on the money in arrearage to the child support and my husband, with no attorney present, walked out of that courtroom with an $800 a month child support payment, as well as attorney’s fees for her high-priced attorney. I was livid when he got home with that news.

Since he really, really didn’t have any money (at that time, he only made enough money weekly to make his car payment, pay 2 of his old credit cards, buy gas and support his own cigarette habit.) I had no choice but to start taking overnight payday loans and making the $800 per month payment and ended up having my year-old car repossessed and defaulted on my Visa payment and a personal surety loan because I couldn’t afford to pay $800 per month toward his child support AND make my car, credit card and loan payments. I had been faithfully paying on that car for a year without being late even once, and in just the stroke of a motion for contempt, my excellent credit and my car went down the drain. What really, really aggravates me is that at that time, her husband was making more than $60,000 annually and she was making around $25,000, so they were living well and then on top of that getting $800 from me.

Although we were not rich, as a single mother (with NO child support ever (at my request!)) I was able to provide my son with a comfortable life and his weekends were pretty normal where he got money for entertainment, we rented movies, we went out to dinner every once in a while, etc. Because of my husband’s situation, and my having to make his ridiculous child support payments, my life and my son’s life went from 10 to 0 in just days! On top of that, even though we incurred a lot of expenses in traveling to and from Orlando (where they lived at the time) and purchasing clothes for them, enrolling them in expensive summer camps and in bowling leagues, etc. during the summer they were with us – I STILL HAD TO SEND THE WENCH $800 PER MONTH!!!!!! I don’t know who I had more passion for: loving my husband or hating his ex-wife.

If I had to do it all over again, having had my (first ever) new car repossessed, my credit ruin, my son deprived, and my finances sucked dry by a selfish, malicious ex-wife, I would NOT have made the payments. I would have told my husband to just let the bastards put him in jail and see how much money they were going to get out of him then!

AR Trust

Has anyone ever heard of or dealt with, AR Trust? I found them, and have given them $500 a month for four months, for help with unsecured credit card debt.

I haven’t heard anything about any settlements yet, but they say they’re close to a settlement with two creditors.

It’s nice that they have given me an adapter for my phone, and when creditors call, I switch them to the adapter and they get a recording that says to stop calling, call their number.