My story (but not in 10 words or less)

After 19 years marriage with 2 girls age 15 and 11 (present data) I realized that the marriage was over. I had a rough enough time admitting it to myself – it was even tougher to tell my soon to be ex. Do to ‘help’ we went on from 2 weeks after mothers day till late September. I had seen a counselor, she met with him and I once and then I went to look through my options and divorce was one of them. Me being a unconscious person and wishing to save money so that it could be used towards excessive bills still outstanding and other items had read about mediation.

In fact the counselor I was seeing strongly (not emphasized enough) suggested mediation. It would disrupt the family unit the least. He stated imfatically that the moment it goes to court it is over – no one comes out a winner and it gets worse as each ideration goes on. So I was informed, I contacted a lawyer I asked general questions regarding different subjects including divorce,bankruptcy, support etc. So I was at least stupid but not ignorant.

An incident occurred in which my ex to be needed medical attn. she mentioned it to the dr who recommended this one specific counselor (I won’t forget her ever).

So I was dragged into it. I say dragged because my mind was already made up I just wanted it to get to mediation and overwith.

so we went to this counselor who basically was stupid and asked me all the questions and nothing to the ex. I was paying for this and it was getting to be a real waste and we were getting no where and fast. It was time to take the situation back

…… to be continued