Second Wives notes

Second Wives (and others who allied with divorced people paying child support) take note: your freedoms are at risk in the US. If you believe that you have a right to be free from extortion and blackmail in the matter of payment of child support, please take a few moments to write, phone, e-mail or otherwise contact your elected officials regarding the case of Patricia Hill.

This is an excerpt of the letter I wrote:

“I am writing this message to express my deep disappointment in the Department of Justice’s prosecution of Patricia Hill (CR99-60010) in Federal Court for accessory after the fact and harboring a fugitive. In a time when the institution of marriage is under threat, the government should be doing all it can to strengthen marriage, not destroy it.

The present administration is already responsible for enacting legislation that does not do justice to the parents who try to comply with the child support rulings made against them. In some cases, the judgments made against them are driving parents to poverty and virtually forcing them into an underground economy in order to support themselves.

If the government is successful with this case on appeal, all second wives, and family members of child support obligator will be at risk for prosecution in federal court. Any family member who is not directly related to the child receiving the support should NOT be held accountable for their support and maintenance. This type of tactic only serves to expand the power of the government in putting pressure on parents who owe back child support. The government does not recognize hardships it imposes on the parent responsible for support payments when these circumstances arise. If the administration succeeds in this case, I feel it would be a form of legalized extortion and blackmail.”

I specifically requested that President direct Janet Reno to drop the appeal immediately. I asked that Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush speak out publicly in opposition and structure their future administration to reverse the punitive laws.