I can understand the position you are in

What I would do since you are shy would be to write letters to each of your issuers stating the situation you are in. Make sure you make copies and send them to each of the credit reporting agencies so this way everyone has a copy. Right now your greatest goal is to keep a roof over your head and food on the table for your family. I would seek some legal advice to have the collectors get off your back. If you know anyone who is an attorney that will assist you with the calls from the collectors it will take alot of stress of your daily life. I don’t know the laws of Canada with regards to collection agency calls.

All I know, is that collection agencies make money when they receive money and they normally will do everything legally possible to get money from you so they can get paid. That is the basic jist of collection agencies. If you don’t currently have the money to pay them, then you can’t give them anything and they will just have to wait. Don’t buckle to them if you can’t afford to make payments. I hope this helps…Just remember, explore your legal options and if you have a friend that you can seek legal advice from…explore it.